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Firm Overview and History


Since Cutrer & Jefferson was formed in 1964, the firm has sought to provide personalized legal services that address the individual needs of each client.  Our areas of practice encompass several diverse areas such as real estate law, oil and gas, business formations and transactions, succession planning, trusts and estates, and probate administration. 


Former Houston Mayor Lewis Cutrer was one of the senior founding partners.  He moved to Houston from Mississippi in 1928 and dedicated his life to contributing to the growth and vitality of the city.  He served as Houston's city attorney from 1941 until 1947 and then as general counsel for the Houston Independent School District from 1955 until 1956.


Mr. Cutrer served as mayor of Houston for three terms from 1957 until 1963.  During his administration he made significant contributions to the city such as resolving Houston's industrial water shortage through the development of the Lake Livingston Project as well as contributing to the construction of Houston Intercontinental Airport.  Following his administration, he returned to practicing law and formed Cutrer & Jefferson with his former Mayoral Assistant Walter Jefferson. 


Mr. Cutrer has also made significant contributions to the practice of law in Houston.  In 1937, he was one of the founding members of the Houston Junior Bar Association, today known as the Houston Young Lawyers Association.  He has served on the board of a variety of organizations including as President of the Texas City Attorney's Association.  His dedication to our quality of legal services and constant professionalism were hallmarks of his law practice.  These core values continue to inspire the firm of Cutrer & Jefferson today.


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