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In Texas, probating a will is a legal process that provides for the heirs to obtain their share of the decedent’s estate.  The probate process can range from being fairly simple to relatively complex depending on the intricacy of the will. The appointed Executor or representative of the estate will be responsible for recovering the assets of the decedent, paying any debts, filing tax returns, filing court documents and finally distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.  In order to perform these duties, it will be necessary for the Executor to obtain Letters Testamentary from the court.  With Letters Testamentary, the Executor will be able to transfer the title to any real property of the decedent, as well as some types of personal property such as the title to a vehicle. 


At Cutrer & Jefferson, we assist executors, administrators and personal representatives of estates efficiently probate and settle an estate.  Our attorneys will help guide you through expediting the process as swiftly as possible.



Probate and Estate Administration

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