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Organization and Formation


Choosing the right business structure is important when forming a new business.  It requires reviewing the client’s goals with respect to control and future growth, in addition to an analysis of the benefits of each structure, the financial and tax consequences, and the limitations on liability of the client relative to those goals.  We assist our clients step by step through the formation of the business structure most appropriate to their circumstances as well as drafting and executing the bylaws, partnership agreements or other documents necessary to implement the business.

Business Planning

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In addition to assisting clients in forming business structures, we have provided our services to business owners in a wide array of business transactions including negotiating, acquiring and selling businesses, and acquiring or expanding a professional practice.

Succession Planning


We also assist our clients in ensuring their business continues through succession planning.  Succession planning involves passing the control or ownership of the business either down to a family member or other person usually on the happening of an event such as retirement, disability or death.  Succession planning involves different strategies including buy-sell agreements which assist in protecting the remaining partners or shareholders as well as the interests of family members.



Our attorneys draft business contracts and agreements including buy-sell agreement, employment contracts, and other types of contracts relative to the operations of the business.

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